Sunday, February 18, 2007

its been a long minute

its been a long micronanomicromini second i've updated this piece of contraption. no be my fault o. i wasnt feeling too good for a minute, then my non eating and sleeping demons called so i had to focus on getting them back on track. doctor cherub actually helped out as always,(I OWE U A PACK OF CHOCOMILO) aside from that i've been deep freezing in the northeast like everyother person who go hit with the deep freeze of the past minute. anywho, i am back and havent felt this good for a minute now.

more talk, everyone has been trying to hook my up and play MATCHdontCOME in my life lately, actually some people have been at it for a minute. they relaxed for a while and now that i'm as single as a dollar bill again (or so i would like to assume cos these days u never know, u might have been married off without u knowing) i've been getting requesteseses from left right and center. "engineerAyo theres this chicki know u would gbadun" "chiefo theres this hottie i want to hook u up with""engineerAyo chick this, engineerAyo chick that"
and i'm not complaining o. nnbanu (my igbo is rusty like the guys from radiator springs) thats far from it. the koko is that, these people unknowingly try to hook me up with each other.miss A would call, engineerAyo, when last did u call missB? u know she is a nice chick. why u no enter her runs now?then miss B would call a lil while later, engineerAyo, u r still single, i said i want to hook u up with miss A u dey do like slacker. na wa for u o.
even ate LEE aka AFROPINAY wants to hook me up with a pinoy chick. (ate LEE i know who HE is, i know where HE is, and i know why u want to know about pinoy restaurante in MD)

NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!(but dont bet ur dollar on it)

and innocent me would just stay there and smile like i always do.even my coworkers are not left out. any new hire these days, they want me to test the waters if they had their way. anyway NO LONG THING.

on other news, YB emailed me on valentino day and the valentino message kinda sorta started off some reaction in my head that i couldnt explain. anywho, God dey! "WHAT IF?"

missdbl is vexing for me although i didnt mean it that way. i knew i should have done wat she expected of me, but i just never got the chance to. we hadnt spoken for more than a short minute since i started, and didnt get to talk about it and all. i know i should have at least called and left u a message and all though. I AM GUILTY 150%.

i picked up a flat tire on friday in the below freezing cold weather we have in the northeast. i dont know how i pulled it off but one minute i was driving like a normal person, the next minute i was in the african store and the next minute i was back on the road only to hear some click click on my wheely. i got to my friends stepped out and did a quick check noticed i was loosing air, a closer look and voila this was wat i picked up...

its been taken care of now though, after these nonsense reep offs made me pay a whole $20+tax and some other cowshit like that, just to get one simple good for nothing flat fixed. if not for God na donut i for dey carry around, i for do strong head no pay the $20.