Saturday, April 28, 2007

metamorphosis of ME....

hey people. wats good? its been a rather long minute. this is kinda like the intro to the metamorphosis of me blog post i had wanted to put up for the past longshort minute. basically it would talk about me, how i've been, and how different situations around me have (for lack of a better) changed me. some have brought me full circle, some have not but all in all, everything put together sorta seems to me like a metamorphosis of sort. anyways y'all be good (yeah right) like you would actually listen. i'll be back for what might be part one or maibe a shorthand version of the whole thing.

Monday, April 16, 2007

BAD DAY :( :(

its been raining for like forever. i slept with 12inches of water in my basement lastnight. it had receeded a lil bit by this morning. had to be at work, dont know how my basement looks like right now. hopefully all my summer cloths are not messed up. cant imagine shopping for stuff i didnt have to shop for.

:( :( :( :(

Inna lillahi wainna ilayhi rajiAAoona.(Q2 vs 156)

just got news that my grandma from my second mum has passed.

Rest in peace Grandma.

Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: "Truly! to Allah we belong and truly, to him we shall return."
(Surat Al-Baqara, Chapter #2, Verse #156)

Thursday, April 12, 2007


hey people, how has your week been? mine has been hectic like say we dey war zone. anywho, i came online to blog about some serious stuff. (the metamorphosis of me. Part 1.5) but i had to upload some stuff i've been holding back for y'all b4 doing that. i hope you awesome people would not think of me different after reading this, cos i'll need all the support and encouragement i can get.

B4 i start uploading wats on my mind. lately i've been listening to BBC news at work and yesterday i heard on there that female civil servants (govt workers) are required to fill out an appraisal and the rules require them to give information about their menstrual cycle, the last time tehy took maternity leave, etc etc etc etc. i dont know for them o but one think i can bet my money on is that, it is a man that came up with the idea. its funny to me cos i dont understand how this piece of information would benefit the indian Govt. i cant help but laugh at this orisirisi beautiful nonsense these indian people are pulling with themselves. talk about invasion of privacy on a grand scale. even VERA would not want such information in the hands of just anybody, who knows wat harm they might cause or wat they might do with it.

Now the reason for this blog post. the past couple of weeks have been very dificult for me. i know this would come as a shock to many of my readers, even my friend. but i've calculated the pro's and cons of my actions and i've decided to come out into the open. i've made a decision and i'm taking a bold step forward starting with this blog post.

i cannot continue to live the way i am, i cant say categorically that i've been living a lie but i hope my doing this would help lift a whole lot off my lil chest and i could be as clear headed as everyone else. those of you that personally know me(i'm not so A-NONI-MONS) might not have seen traces or traits butt hey were there all along. sometimes visible sometimes otherwise but they have always been present. even missDBL couldnt have seen this coming and i didnt hide it from her either.

i've had my moments on the DL too. i remember as far back as highschool, there was this one person that always made something in me jump whenever we are in the same space. i didnt see it as anything then but time has revealed to me that that i was feeling back then.

i hope some of you wont be dissapointed in me, or hopefully i wont have dissappointed any of you. i have been in denial all the while but this past couple of weeks were brutal, kinda like a turning point for me. this is wat makes me happy, i'm glad i can finally share this piece of information with you guys. i would really appreciate your support and taking time out to hear me out. i thank you all in advance for your support from here on from the bottom of my LUNGS (i say lungs bcos i have a icepick where my heart used to be) what i have been trying to say is that, i think i am in love with tall girls. yes! you heard right and I said it. I AM COMING OUT AND PUBLICLY DECLARING MY LOVE FOR TALL GIRLS.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

MD gist!

hey my people, fellow manbeings and womanbeings. Guess what! 71 is the new 21! yeah i said it. if u dont know, now u know.
i finally got over the hangover i suffered from going to MD (it was a hangover well suffered my people, read on to find out) my weekend in MD for Vera's mum gig was totally fantalistic (i need more of those weekend getaways 4 real)

anywho, Vera was totally awesome and way i can share and in ways i cannot share. i drove out to MD on saturday and nonsense funmie was complaining i got to her house too early. meaning the time i left home till the time i got to her house did not add up to mapquest's timing. anywho, i got to funmie's she was cooking and ish. i finally met funmies lil sister. she is such an awesome lil girl(reminds me of my nieces)

you all remember Vera saying she was gonna hook me up in MD right. YES she did hook me up. i shoulda known that she was talking about herself.(she gave me hints too but i didnt pickup them) anyway he experience was totally worth it sha. let no BF as Vera wat we did. its between Vera and I.

yes i finally delivered Vera's isi-ewu to her. funmie tried to trick me into giving her the isi-ewu but its a good thing i didn't cos the isi-ewu did stuff to Vera that it hasn't done in a long time.

i know Vera would have given you her side of the story and the happenings at the party. so i'll be giving you all the deleted scenes. scan forward to the end of the night. funmie asked if i could stay over instead of me going to rent a room as i had planned. i don't know wat she was thinking o, but i told her Vera and i had made other special plans(wink wink).

anyways we loaded the cars up. i drove mine, Vera drove her mums and her mum drove the rental car. yeah now i believe whenever Vera says stuff about her mum its not like she is adding to it most times its verbatim. (did Vera tell you guys about the balloon escapade, if not, go ask her about it) anywho we got to Vera's place and we offloaded some of the stuff from the cars, put them away nicely. (Vera kept eyeing her isi-ewu) then it was time to sleep, at this point I'll like to thank Vera for sharing her bed with me. it was softer than a baby's skin, then my head sunk into the pillow like it was nothing.

anywho, slept and woke up like 12, Vera was awake making noise on her fone. dont know how she could do that, after a long nite she still woke up early to make noise. bullshitted for a while, cheered Vera on as she cleaned the cooler. (YEAH i got front row seats to see Vera in her most vulnerable state) her house was not the way it normally was and my ears nearly got filled up with how she wants to clean and how her house was a nose sore. then kata kata burst, the garbage dispenser got clogged and it wont work. short story long i acted as a plumber, you all know plumbers do more jobs around the house than their job description states.

long story short, Vera and i finally recycled our love and its built on a cooler of isi-ewu. more stuff happened but i'm too lazy to keep typing. maibe i'll get to them soon, B4 i forget, vera and i are buying funmie butt implants, she tried to disrespect mine(she cant compete with vera's) and found out she got nothing on me.

talking about ass, for those of you who wanted me to take pictures of vera backside and face. let me just put it this way, i'm sorry to disappoint you but i didnt get them, their was no way i could have. plus the way vera kept rubbing my head anytime she walked by me b4, during and after the party made me loose my sense of &*^%^$%#$#$%^&^ (feel free to fill in)

anywho, i don tire make i go find food, hungry is happening to me.