Thursday, July 26, 2007

trip to toronto

hey people, i've MIA for twice months and change. a lot has happened during that time. i've been to maryland twice, one for cherub's sisters grad and the other for funmie's lil sisters BBQ (at least thats wat vera and funmie made it seem like allthough na soso overage ppl full there.
anyway, at the BBQ i put my enginering ability to work. I was the mesuya, enough grilling, wat didnt i grill u name it, it was on the menu, naija style suya (not the sorry excuse for BBQ some people feed you with) Asun (essabanty you do well o) roasted yam, fish, corn, boli (roasted plantains)and all the other stuff icant remember. If not for God "ube" (spelling) for dey there sef. anywho, engineerAyo did his thing and vera and funmie started thinking of and planning the next BBQ the very next day.

then i went to toronto, i know say overwhelmed go throw tantrum for me on this one but make she no vex. anywho, i went to toronto o Via ohio. you ask me wetin i find go ohio first abi. NO LONG THING. we drove (after agege bread the next awesome thing is road trips abeg) anywho, drove to tororonto, which was awesome, as i must have said 15million times already. na small i remain dem for crown me baale of toronto b4 i comot. but i just had to decline their offer.

anywho, b4 i forget i almost missed my flight to ohio scrap that i missed my flight to ohio but if not for the timely intervention of the almighty who made the flight delayed na another tori i for dey talk now. anyway the flight was delayed, i did my james bond after gtting to the airport at 5.15pm when my flight was meant to take off at 5.25pm i sha used my head and i was able to get my bad checked and i caught my flight.

back to toronto, na wa for una o, wetin dem dey take gas do for canada wey the thing cost money like that.(if u wanna make money abeg open gas station for canada)

anyways, short story long, toronto was fun, i'll be back later to give you gist on wat i went across the border for in the first place, i'll also talk about our amala eating detour thru detroit, MI. how nonsense customs wasted our time at the border cos of some flower wey we carry. i no blame dem, if to say we no tell dem say flower dey back dem for no waste our time. good citizens we are.

anywho, thats all for now, be back with more. make i go find food.
NB: afropinay is in transit to DUBAI, she suppose don land now sef. hopefully she would update soon. BYE BYE to her chinko life. now she can blog and comment and blog again and comment again and blob again without any chinko restriction on wat she can say.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

i'm back

hey my people na body? how na dey? sorry for not blogging for a extra long minute. na condition make fish begin do family planning. i've had a couple of ups and downs but i've kept myself in one piece thus far.

i'll be back to give y'all gist about the bookshytes i've been up to. e.g. my trip to toronto, detour thru detroit to eat amala. their speed limit in Km and gas flipping expensive. anywho make i never too talk, update on all the NY bookshytes too, MARS 2112, my trip first beach trip since i've been in NY, damn i cant believe i stayed this long b4 i got disvirgined or for lack of a better word, beachvirgined.

my nonsense friend who wants to get married next summer or so she thinks. my adopted aburo who is having a 21st bornday bash this friday is threatening fire if i dont attend. like say that would make me change my mind.

anywho work dey tomorrow make all men go catch sleep

"blueberry lomo"