Sunday, September 21, 2008

"igwe", nigerian day parade, X

ok IGWE, that some song on Dbanj's latest CD. i dont know how that song is doing me but i've been feeling it a lil too much lately. im scared to listen to it on TRUSPOT cos IT might block it like they did DUDURADIO. maibe i'll just get the CD and rip it onto WMP, they cant block that can they. Igwe - DBanj "IGWE E! IGWE E! IGWE E!"

NIGERIAN INDEOENDENCE DAY PARADE NYC 2008 is on saturday, i dont know if i'll be attending yet. but im kinda like 70% on the side of attending. anyway, i'll be sure to get my paparazzi on for y'all to see if i decide to add the remaining 30% to my 70%. hopefully i'll have fun, cos parades tend to get boring after attending 3 yrs straight if i know how to count right. my passies from slanting island are attending. which is kinda why i might be there as well. if u need to know who i am. just simple look for that dude in a gray polo shirt with everyone around him in green. yeah i know im special like that. few yrs back i did my gray thing and my friends were cursing me out. i just didnt feel like being eco friendly (going green) dats all. im feeling the same way this year as well. but we'll see i might decide to go green afterall. maibe i wont want to be the only one not in green in my passie circle. talking about green, i need to call vera, is she driving to NYC for parade or is her chicken livered self staying put in good old Bmore as always. idiot like her, she has been making noise about attending for God knows how long. come to think of it, if vera were to attend, since she is already green, that means she wont need to wear anything since her birthday dress is green enough. not like that would be a good sight but anyway. on a second thot i doubt if she'll attend though. Her baby TAB lives in NY and she might not want to meet up with him in a public place. she prefares private sessions.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

guess who is back blogging

i'm blogging again, tell a friend. i could rant about OBAMA and McCAINT but im so tired of all the bruhaha i have decided to delete everything politics from my daily diet(i'll see how long that would last) anywho, for those wondering where i've been and what i've been up to. i've been running around the whole northeastern united states. I-95 seems to be my favorite interstate, but even with that, i have really cut back on my MD trips. i remember last year i was in MD so many times some pple actually thot i had finally relocated. u know somn funny though, the times i've gone to MD this year have all been because my mum is around and we've had a few family kinikon to attend which she didnt want to miss. ranging from my uncles surprise 60th birthday parry to family reunion (that i would later talk about). i'd rather endure the driving than have them dis-son or dis-nephew me. im not promising but the next time i go to MD this year, i'll have funmie's isi-ewu with me. for u see i didnt forget u. i've had ur isi-ewu between my mind for as long as u've requested it.

talking about isi-ewu, my isi-ewu lady is back from naija. she left since april and just got back. im thinking what in the world could she be doing in naija for that lng. instints tell me that she has gone to use our isi-ewu and pepper soup money to build some massive contraption in her village. anywho maibe just for the sake of amebo i'll ask her when i decide to go get me some pepper soup as medicine for this cold weather.

by the way, i think FALL is here too early. i've needed to dress warm the past few days and its not funny cos that is simply a sign that b4 we say shokolokobangoshe we'll be cleaning out snow for xmas. rewind maibe u cos i'll be in naija. hehehe. its been a minute. naija actually emailed me to invite me to come visit. talk about personal invite. its sending its not so private jet aka ??????airways.

i don dey tire abeg. ok honestly speaking a lot more stuff has happened since my last blog entry. aka my marriage proposal which i declined. the groom price that was offered my mum after i declined the marriage proposal and some other tantalizing drama. family reunion gist would wait till next time hopefully i wont have more juicy stuff to run my mouth over than i could put in one entry.