Thursday, November 23, 2006

happy thanksgiving!

hey yall, i havent been on here in a minute. i've been running around in circles trying to catch my turkey o. it tried to run away from but i finally got it on lock down now. that means i'll be having a turkey orgy tomorrow. sad i cant eat too much cos i'll have to be awake earlier than early on friday cos i got to be at work by 4.45am. DAM BO RO BA SHEGE! THIS COUNTRY NA NONSENSE!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

if you'll fOOk HER in the ass, show some respect, KISS HER first damn it!

i'm not a rape victim but i know of a certain miss lady who got gang raped.
growing up, i watched, same as every chidi, dele, and mustafa, as you all took turns on her like the village bicycle. you all gang raped her, sucked out all the useful life in her milk factory till they made rotten paw paw feel like there was hope.

you all gang raped her, passing her round like she was ur birth right, family inheriatnce and whateverumacallit. people cautioned u by saying she wasnt just for a select few, but you threw caution to the wind and tried to play god among men.

you all gang raped her, by lying thru ur teeth, saying u were doing such and such in her best interest, tell me how and when did, dropping the soap in a male prison bathroom become a good thing for (BEST INTEREST OF) the new comers on the block.

you all gang raped her, till the roaster got back to somewhat of a starting point. but this time out the rape wasnt done by all. some abstained, some didnt finish, while some just didnt care and simply continued from where they had stopped but this time it included her children and childrens childrens children.

numerous years have passed since she began trying to heal the woulds of ur actions, its been a really rough road i must say. dele, chidi and mustafa have come of age, they have been joined by imabong, danladi, ekaete, kokosari, uchechukwu, ekamma, babawande, lagbaja, tamedu, lakashegbe, bala, and many more. and just when she thought she had finally come of age and was responding to therapy, we find out that kasali, mohammed, ifeayi who all lost family during one or more of the rape sessions are out there urging the rapists on, to come back and finish the "GOOD WORK THEY STARTED"

yeah fellow bloggers, some of u might have figured who the rapists are and who the victims are already. but if u havent then ask ur next door neighbour who knows. if not, i'll as well tell u...

i'm talking about that country south of the sahara, north of the equator just right around the corner, across the atlantic ocean. it hurts to think of happenings this way and i tried as much as i could to hold back a lot, but hopefully i let out enough to make my system balanced. this now brings me back to the title of the blog post.

how long would NIGERIA be held against her will and get gang fOOked in the A$$ by prison guards (no good leaders) and their supporters who have sold their birth right for a bottle of odeku and a plate of nkuobi. even if they are going to rape NIGERIA over and over and over and over, at least THEY SHOULD SHOW SOME RESPECT AND KISS HER FIRST B4 FOOKING HER IN THE A$$.

EngineerAyo take a deep breath and say WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

happy birthday Y.B.

hey y'all its YB's birthday today. i think she'll be some 20 somn years old now. she actually thot i had forgotten imagine. i know its been 8 years or less but then 8years aint enough to forget a birthdate is it. called to wish her a happy birthday and she was shocked i still remembered. asking me who told me and all that rice and beans. all well there are some things i forget, there are some i want to forget, and there sure are some i cant forget.


I dont feel for u the way i used to...dont u just get it

first we were buddies
then things grew between US two.
you claimed you liked me just as liking you wasnt a bad idea...

time passed, TA came into the picture
you said he was a friend, you met thru TS
things happened questions were asked
you insisted he was "just a friend"
he picked you up from work everyday
he was still "just a friend"

anytime i called, you were either in his car on your way to or from "somewhere"
i wasnt born yesterday so i sure know bullshit when i saw one,
i didnt actually have to taste it to figure it was bullshit
he picked up ur fone a couple of times,
he asked questions and i sure answered,
to the best of my knowledge that is.

then TA left you for TS
claiming it was TS he wanted all the while not you,
you were lung broken,
you came whinning back to engineerAyo (mr. nice guy) your words were,
"EngineerAyo see what TS did to me, i cant believe both of them could do such"

you were quick to forget you had engineerAyo believe TA was "just a friend"
if he was just a friend then why the tantrum and bitter words towards them both...
you asked if i still had anything for you
my response was i dont think so, you kept on the pressure in trying to make me substitute hubby,
but my leg stand for ground gidigba...

not because i was bitter with you,
i just didnt see myself being with you anymore.
but you kept on pestering my innocent soul.. i thot you got the message

then i met lovely missDBL
you started to beef me cos i was with her and i didnt tell u.
last time i checked i didnt have to consult you before i did anything,
but you forgot something though...
(i dont know if its engineerAyo that didnt understand the whole contraption u had but ... )

you forgot that right b4 missDBL came into the picture,
u told me about camera buying dude, (i thot u had gotten the message)
yes camera dude bought u a camera for ur birthday
being the friend i thot i was,
i told u camera dude was looking for somn more,
u insisted on him just being nice thats all.

voila two days after that
camera dude asked you to date him,
u turned camera dude down,
you shot him outta the sky even b4 he could gather altitude
due to the crashland camera dude suffered
he came back with these word,
"i cannot date you anyway cos you are not spiritual enough"
wat a comeback line from a hurt lion cub.

then you were with kay,
you claimed you werent dating
yet he waits for u to get off work so y'all could catch a movie or ten.
he buys you lunch and drops it off during ur lunch hour.
yet u kept brothering engineerAyo for something maryKAY and camera dude were available for.

and to think all this while u still were interested in engineerAyo is somewhat of a classic tale outta the daytime sponge opera's.
how was engineerAyo supposed to know to give u a twice chance(not that he thot of giving u a twice chance anyway)...
if maryKAY and camera dude were already by ur side.

soon enough u find yourself some dude,
you guys started dating and u were quick to say to engineerAyo,
"engineerAyo guess wat?"
engineerAyo not in the mood for BS was quick to cut the BS short, by saying,
then the sorry word came flying out,

u said it with that tone that has
"are you jealous yet written all over it"
far from it, i was happy for u,
i was thinking, attention finally moved awy from me MR. DBL.
but now i can put A and B together to form AB.
all the while u kept asking about missDBL and everyother thing u asked about.
u were only looking for a way to come back into play or worse still give ur two cents back to engineerAyo make him feel he missed out on somn.
yes he missed out on getting some and moving on

all i'll say is this, i stopped feeling for u the lil i used to feel for u long before now. all i have to offer is friendship, if i offer you otherwise, i'll hurt u more than you can handle, abeg let me be SHI#KENA!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

boredom and what i found

NB: your perception may vary depending on how sobber you are right now.

the two pictures above helps us understand the effects of alcohol on male and female species

give me one reason why u wouldnt support research

saw this online and it just doesnt look right.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i got some of my sanity back!

i finally fixed my pasta craving cells today. yes o, i've been craving pasta for like 6weeks now, if i was pregnant i'd have said it was due to the hormanal imbalance and all. but engineerAyo is nowhere near being female not to talk of being pregnant. i specially ordered me a nice bowl (notice i didnt say plate) of pasta from gino's although my coworker brought me some macaroni pie. anywho, the pasta was awesome, i felt born twice while it lasted, not that it lasted long anyway. but it was tantalizingly awesome. next time i'll order a "ZOMBIE" to go with it, then that would really make my day. enough talk about food, FFF oshi.
i got a call today about a job opening in parsipany, NJ. at first i was hesitant about the offer cos if u know where slanting island is, u'll know that parsipany aint no stone fling away. then u factor in rush hour traffic and snow days and what do i have, a contraption called a 90minutes commute. wat! engineerAyo doesnt care o, even if its in far away kalamazoo na drive i go drive am. maibe after a short minute i might move out of slanting island where everyone seems to know someone that knows everyone that knows you, to parsipany where engineerAyo dont know nodoby. what the hell, no be this same world all of us dey.
my awesome reader, speaker of the house of representatives of the blogosphere, y'all should put me in both your serious and not so serious prayers (reason being you never know which prayer God would answer first) engineerAyo need all the prayers he could get. those of u that care to know. i'll be willing to split my paycheck with you on my own terms and conditioners.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Endangered Species

are you that friend that stands by a friend during the good and not so good times...
endangered specie you are
are you that person that always listens...
endangered specie you are
are you that boyfriend/girlfriend that wont cheat even if ur life depended on it...
endangered specie you are
are you that guy or girl that would date someone not for what the person has but for who the person is...
endangered specie you are
are you that fellow that smiles no matter what breaking ball life hurls at you...
endangered specie you are
are you that fellow who would do favors without expecting anything in return...
endangered specie you are
are you that one person that makes life worth living for someone...
endangered specie you are
are you that stranger willing to sacrifice your sanity jsut so someone else could be sane...
endangered specie you are
are you that stranger that would treat a fellow stranger like yourself...
endangered specie you are
are you that person who always sees the good things about the next person...
endangered specie you are
are you an accountant who is called an engineer...
endangered specie you are

Sunday, November 05, 2006

sunday is today

its a beautiful day out here on slanting island. the 2006 NYC marathon is today and the traffic situation is a day-mare. the slanting island expressway is pack bumper to bumper from start to finish and all the way into NJ. i had planned on going to the city today but i realised the subways are normally outta wack on weekends then factor in the marathon closures and u have chaos in the underground. anyways i have opted to stay aways from the city, the marathon and everything that comes with it.

yeah, i finally met my cousins girlfriend this weekend. she is actually at the house right now. she seems like a nice person and i think she is quiet too. all well maibe when she gets to know engineerAyo a lil better she would know that engineerAyo is also a quiet fellow (y'all didnt know that did you) but has learnt to become as playful as we come. but could still be very quiet if he wants to be. anywho, talking about my cousins girlfriend, my lil cousin is going to be a uncle soon. yes his brothers girlfriends is gonna have a baby. (i didnt mention she was pregnant right, yeah she is) she is due in march but i might be wrong cos i wasnt given the whole 411. i dont know why but all well, one more addition to the familia. one thing is, i never knew my cousin was into white chicks but then i only know this much about his choice of females anyway. cos the few GF i have met were all DUDU (yoruba word for black). enough of my talks about my cousins already.

i'll be back later, i have talks to give y'all.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

something inside

the last couple of days have been somewhat like sour tasting soup being pumped down my throat without having a choice of throwing it back out. i am that kinda person who doesnt allow things of his past hinder what the future would bring, but lately the past has been creeping back into my system at such a pace that it has finally started melting me from the inside out.
it would have been a different case if those that would have helped by donating their time to hear me out as i offload my gutts are there when they are needed. unfortunately they have better things to be bothered with than to be held down by engineerAyo's soul melting impurities. at some point it feels like they dont care, never cared, or stopped caring long b4 now.
i read somn on overwhelmed's blog and i left a comment, but my comment was laced with somn. her response to me was,"i sense theres stuff in you that you have to express..." i read her response and i thot about it for not so long a minute. YES I DO HAVE SOMN I HAVE TO EXPRESS. its eating me up, dont want to dig them back up but recent happenings have sparked off my deep thinking self and it was my deep thinking self that wrote this some years ago on one of those days when things just werent kosha
i have a lot of things held up inside of me.
Some in my head,
Some in my heart,
Some in my mind and thoughts.
Those in my head i use daily,
Those in my heart i cherish,
Those in my mind i think of all the time.
But people do not understand, and some just do not care.
What they do not realize is that i have something else inside that hurts deep inside.
i can not tell you but it really does hurt me deep inside.
i'm trying to fight back, but its harder now than it used to be. i guess my theory of not letting stuff out, building up heat and causing a meltdown from the inside out kinda slipped me by this time out. i have got back up though. YES, i have got back up. engineerAyo is going to start self therapy. my self therapy would be blogging my every thought whenever the need arises. make it kinda like an escape valve or release valve.

its been a long minute

sup y'all, i haven't blogged in quite a long minute. its note like i dont have stuff to blog about but the fact is whenever i get to this contraption about the life of engineerAyo, i just turn around and read other peoples blogs instead. e.g. as i type i have vera, bijou, and overwhelmed's blogs opened on other windows. i came to tell y'all about the lil red capri pants and wat them pants do or did to my system and also talk about my coworkers custom made JACK DANIEL BROWNIES but thots of sunday's plane crash just keeps hopping, skipping and jumping back into my head. My friends lost their step-dad in it and we've all been kinda playing things down but we all know things alright. hopefully something would be done to the aviation sector to make it a lot safer sooner than later. and sooner than later wont be until half the population of nigeria get sacrificed. and if they dont have any solutin to it. I SAY WE SHOULD WIRE UP THE BRAINS OF OUR LEADERS AND THE TRIGGER SHOULD BE LINKED TO THE DECISIONS THEY MAKE. ANY WRONG DECISION, WRONG THOT, OR ACTION MADE SHOULD TRIGGER OFF SAID EXPLOSIVE, THUS WE HAVE ONE LESS DUMB DECISION MAKER TO WORRY ABOUT.

note: the anger i feel made me type some of the aforesaid in uppercase. anger partly caused by the happens in nigeria and by things happening in me, to me, around me, within me, ati be be lo......