Sunday, May 04, 2008

from Gasoline to Ireland with love

hey my people. work is kicking my ass, almost to the extent i begining to regret taking my vacation. its like they all joined forces against ur one and only. anyway any over-working fashioned against me na simply beans talk.

gist of the week, i was running around on yahoo news the other day and i found this video clip about people going around syphoning gasoline from other peoples cars. i watched the clip with amusement, the first thot was my fellow american are so lagging behind in this great act. i remembered back in naija when my neighbours kids would raid their mum's car every night in their quest to "refill" their own car. and this wasn't around the time when gasoline was scarce, so imagine how they got when gasoline got scarce. i did my own fair share of syphoning, but mine was more for fueling the generator to watch champions league games than anything else. all this really shows how mushed up things have become. imagine costco limiting the number of bags of rice customers could buy. NO BE BEANS TALK O! but im not surprised though, for a long time it cost more to buy a gallon of milk than to buy a gallon of gas, so i'd be right to say that gas prices felt threatened it was getting upstaged by good old milk and it had to raise its game.

on a similar but different note, i went to ireland for my vacation, and it felt so awkward. from their driving on the wrong side of the road, the cars looking like toys and their not ever going past the speed limit. did i mention that the widest road had just 4lane (two in either direction) even lil richmond ave has 8 lanes in some places. it was an experience that was hard to swallow. it was made worse when i decided to go shopping, i got to the mall at about 6pm only to find out all the stores had closed for the day and all that was open was the grocery store.(where is SUPER WALMART) i wanted to blow a fuse, for God sake it was a saturday and the stores were closed by 6pm thats so not right. cos even my slanting island mall stays open till 10pm on saturdays. i learnt a lot of hard lessons on my trip, but if u ask me if i'd go to ireland again, i sure would. just that this time i'd make sure i go with strictly water proof clothing cos the way rain falls in that country get K leg pass one of my friends. one minute its sunny, next minute its raining cows and chickens. it was such that i thot it was some kinda game. (i guess dats why ireland is called a green country)

i'd gist y'all about my KFC experience next time.