Friday, December 29, 2006

random yarning

sup all u woman beings, i know there is a warrant out for my arrest for not updating my blog for a long minute now. no be my fault o, it is laziness mixed with a whole bunch of things thats been keeping me away from blogvilla.
anywho, hope u guys ahd a nice xmas, mines was BORING. but its about to be spiced up. bijou is coming to the big apple. she is meeting up with some of her friends. we probably would hang out and all. maibe go dancing, salsa, techno, zouk, soukous, ati be be lo. bijou wants an owambe to go to but unfortunately i'm not an owambe person. talking about bijou and her coming to the big apple, abeg u all should warm bijou o. she is trying me! she is seriously trying me! she has refused to organized some nice shrimp fried rice when she comes and to think i was about to make her a deal. the deal is that i'll supply her with ingredients for pepper soup and even supply myself to PA to fix her the pepper soup and she dey use me do shakara. u guys should warm her o! cos if i vex ehnnn. if i vex ehnnn. i wont even tell u wat i'll do.

now that i have that off my mind. i have been listen to too much awilo longomba lately. its kinda my driving soundtrack. then i mix it up with dbanj and eldee. anyway i'll be fine, all these inner melons(thots and issues) trying to hold me down shall not be given the dark of nite not to even talk about the light of day.

so until i come ur way again, i remain engineerAyo. the adopted step-grandson of the idi of idi araba.

PS: i intend to do a 2006 recap b4 the end of the year so help me God.

Monday, December 18, 2006

5 wierd thingies about me.............................NOT!

I cant believe i'm doing this tag. Vera the next time you tag me abeg make sure its something i'd do and get paid doing it. if not,"dont even ask to bother" tagging me.
i smile all the time and i'm always in an upbeat mode. this isnt a problem but fact is even when i'm pissed i'll still be shining my teeth like i just brush them in 3weeks.
i wear my wristwatch on my right hand, it started when i got my first wristwatch some 18somn years ago and never looked back ever since. i dont eat cold food, not for nothing but if its not blazing hot, i cannot eat. finish cooking now and when i want to eat some half hour from now, i'd have to macrowave the thing b4 i can eat watever it is.
i used to put ketchup on my pizza, dont know why but it kinda sorta tasted better that way. but now that i found gino's villa monte pizza. i dont need no ketchup cos that pizza is the hot shit. moving on, i also wont eat SALATU for anything (maibe some couple of million dollars might change that) but till then i REFUSE TO EAT SALATU (salad) no matter wat shape, size, texture, form, figure, brand or color it comes. i guess my not eating salad has to do with the fact that i dont eat cold food, and since i cannot warm it up with and it still same afterwards, its a no go area. i still owe missDBL a salad orgy and i sure would honor the raincheck when she decides to redeem it. only u could make me eat SALATU.
i always have two pairs of socks on. dont wear one for anything. i wear sweatpants under my pants during the winter cos i hate thermal wear pants. i wear my wristwatch for 23hrs 40minutes everyday. i've been sleeping with socks on for almost 13 years now.
i tend not to accept gifts from people, very few times i have accepted birthday gifts, sometime i dont even expect gifts sef. i dont ask people whether enemy, friends, family or wateverumacallit for money even if i know i'll get it and might not need to pay it back.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

where is the KOKO?

nice music videos, enjoy!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mr. Biggs is a Naughty Man

"Mr. Biggs is a Naughty Man" those were the words of my 4 year old niece (call her lil miss 'Mo) on one of the battle of the titans she had with her mum and dad. ok it all happened some months ago, my mum and my second mum were going out to XYZ (girls day out) and lil miss 'Mo was bent on tagging along. they didnt have a problem with it but her parents (my sister and her husband) didnt want her to go, their reason being she had school the next day or somn close enough. but b4 they could say shokolokobangoshe, lil miss 'Mo had takena nice shower, was dressed to kill and waiting for "ganma and ganma doto" thats wat she calls them.
anyways, time came for them to leave, my sister and her husband still bend on derailing her plans out tagging along, sprung into action.
parents: 'Mo dont go you know u have XYZ and XYZ to do
'Mo: sad faced, no reply, just keeps walking out the door.
parents: we'll take you to the zoo (she loves animals)
'Mo: zoo, (tempted but no thanks) N0.
parents: we'll take you to Mr. Biggs.

then she dropped the bombshell that broke the deadlock, she won the battle no questions asked.

'Mo: No o! i dont like Mr. Biggs! Mr. Biggs is a naughty man!

i guess all you adults didnt know that, did you? u better start thanking my niece, for finding out who mr biggs really is and what kinda man he actually is too. all you mr biggs craving adults in blogville.
from that point on my sister and her husband had no more firepower to conquer this determined lil angel. because for her to disown Mr. Biggs in this hard time meant she had to go with "ganma and ganma doto" at all cost.

on the way back after their "girls trip" she looked at my mum and second mum and she asked, "Are we still going to Mr. Biggs?" the looked at each other and both said, i thought you said Mr. Biggs was a naughty man. but no anymore, she had accomplished what she wanted so why not try to push buttons just in case she could get some meat pie, ice cream and all the other good stuff, because Mr. Biggs might not be so naughty afterall.

and on this note, i have decided to do vera's tag the next time out.

have a nice day you all, and stay away from mr biggs, dont ask me why.

Friday, December 08, 2006

naija on blast

i was going to blog about some good stuff. but the abcnews report on scammers made nigeria kinda changed my blog route. for the record if u hear from the streets that i'm from benin republic please dont be surprised, na condition make cray fish bend. its not like i'm pissed or surprised at the report. the thing just caught me on the wrong foot and all.

i'll be back later to blog about everything and everything i had intended to blog about initially. but in case you didnt see the report click on me
or me

Sunday, December 03, 2006

running mouth!

how has ur weekend been so far? mine has been work work work (i need some distraction, abeg u, any takers?) anywho i just got back from JFK. the sight of people travelling brought up thots of how my xmas would be boring being in this NYC. i took my second mum to the airport. yes, i have two mums and no, she is not my step mum. two weeks ended faster than i could say shokolokobangoshe. the last two weeks have been fun though, although my sister had more fun with her than i did. work work work is all i do. simple english, a trip to JFK made the reality of not going to naija sink in deeper than i sank my teeth into this meatpie. what makes it worse is that i'm working against my wish and under duress for that matter. anyway i go beta we go buy toyota.

i need help. i've started bottling things up again and i fear the next melt down might hurt more than i can handle. been searching for my outlet valve for some days now but i cant find it. i need to find it soon b4 kinikon and kiniyi starts to happen to me. anyways, i'll be fine.

veruchka ezimora has tagged me again. i wonder when she would understand that sharing pain is not the right way to show affection. or should i call it inflicting pain cos she obviously aint feeling the pain. i can only complain this much though, cos one thing i know is thats what makes her who she is.

have a nice nite y'all. i need to go sauté my soul with the moin moin my second mum made b4 she left for naija. when i'm done, I'LL HAVE A REASON TO SOW! (translate the last phrase to yoruba and you'll be glad you did)

have a nice week y'all.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

over my hangover

yes o, its unofficially official! i finally recovered from my thanksgiving hangover. not like i over nourished or anything o but for some reason i've been having this severe case of excusitis which has been holding me back from blogging.

anywho, people never seem to amaze me with the kinda things they do or say. i've come in contact with a lot of orisirisi people in this my simple life. i've met those that are willing to download their life history to u within a few minutes of meeting u and leaving no stones unturned at detailing things. anywho thats not the koko thats amazing me today neither is it their asking me why u have to put gasoline inside a generator and why not have an "electric" electric generator. anywho i hope that kinda gave all y'all a lil insight into the kinda people i meet on a daily basis.

anywho, i met this lady today who wants to buy a treadmill for her DOG! yes, you read right, her DOG! said dog is a 3month old german shepherd who weights over 70lbs, doesnt eat dog biscuits (healthy foods only, i.e. carrots, apples et all). she says scoobydoo has too much energy, is growing fast (might grow up to 150lbs) and she cannot keep up with scooby whenever she takes scooby for a walk. long story short, she is willing to cuff out $600.00 for a treadmill for scoopy to keep in shape(damn dog got a xmas gift already while vera is still here hoping and praying to get somn). her words went somewhat like,"i'll use it to tire him out b4 i take him for a walk that way i wont have to chase after him." all i could say is some dogs got it good. but then i'm not surprised cos i've seen people push their dogs in strollers and something close to a baby carriage