Friday, March 30, 2007


hey womanbeings and manbeings. how una dey o? hope y'all good people are doing great and you all not so good people .... all well. i've been aiight. keeping myself sane as always. i've not been able to post up jhud's beyonce diss song but yall can go on youtube and type in UPSTAGE YOU and voila be ready to get ur ribs cracked over and over again. this time tomorrow i'll be in baltimore with miss vera and her peeps. not to worry y'all u have a nice rep to go represent you guys. i can eat for more than one person. i'll try to dance for more than one person. and i'll sure be glad to help upgrade ur software with stuff that went down.

as per my woman bruhaha. it is well! thats all i can say. soon enough u'll hear about it. including the scenes that i would normally delete. make i go this isi-ewu woman house go remind am about my order tomorrow morning. i no wan hear story say the goat head jump comot from pot begin dey make noise o.

ms DBL is in naija. i was gonna ask her a favor but who knows she might have plans of her own. was gonna havve her $%^&*&*(())_)%^&&&***(**&*%^$#@@@@#%^()( for me but all well. make i leave story for another day. hopefully she is doing ok cos i havent spoken with her yet.

moving on, i wanna go to ireland or london in may but damn tickets damn flippking high. make we see sha. i might hook myself up with a sugar mummy at vera's party so maibe she'll make that her first project.

anywho i dey go jare enough talk for one sitting. i'll be back with more. dont forget to go to youtube and check out the UPSTAGE YOU clip i talked about earlier.

Monday, March 19, 2007

random mouthing

hey my people, make una no vex o. i've been trying to put up my much talked about jhudd, beyonce diss song. but this shockwave thing abi wetin dem dey call am sef, no gree me. maibe i'll try a lil more and if i cant i'll jsut have to whitemail it to y'all to listen to.

other stuff, orisirisi has been happening o, between this northeast weather changing from nice to freezing every 3days and my practicing dance moves i'd use to sweeps vera's grandma off her feet. then with the side dish of this united nations state i am in.(yes i said united nations and i'll explain when i get the chance to) but be sure its about this state of woman bruhaha that i've been hinting you guys about lately.

so it is official i am on my way to baltimore for vera's grandma's party already. cherub is going to NSBE so i'll be attending as single as a dollar bill. i was gonn use her as my handbag b4 but i realised why take sand to the beach when theres enough sand at the beach. short story long, cherub can go to pittsburg and ohio, i'll be in baltimore doing my own "engineering project"(wink wink)

anywho, i also heard the most hilarious 911 call last week while driving to work. i'll check and see if i can find some audio clip for it. if not i'll type out the dialogue between the caller and the 911 operator for y ou guys to read. na GOD talk say make olopa no stop me for overlaughing on the highway.

anywho, make i go nourish something. i'll be back for my blogrounds later.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Naming Places...

this has been the long minute i have had between blog entries since i bought my house in blogville. orisirisi has been going on beside the scene, most of it i cant throw on here yet cos its not ripe enough. anywho, body still dey inside cloth, but as usually during one of the silent minutes i had while i was MIA, this came up and i thot to seek wat you all think.

have you ever wondered how places get their names or how certain places got their names. I could assume places like new england, new york, were most likely named by the first settlere who crossed the big water to the new world, most likely from west europe, thus they named their new homeland as a reminder of where they originally came from.

theres a place on slanting island called snake hill, first thot after hearing the name snake hill might be that its infested or was infested by snakes. but driving up or down snake hill and the way the road meanders makes u think u r doing the snake dance.

anywho moving on, u probaby be wondering where this talk of names if taking me to right. not to worry i'll let u in on it soon. i've come up with some reason for some names, somewhere like buffalo,ny might have been named cos tehre used to be a large buffalo population, a place like great kills (another place on slanting island), jamaica,ny might have been named for numerous reasons i'm not willing to find out.

but of all the names and places whose names get me into the wonder wonder mode, nothing gets me in the wonder wonder mode like the names of some places in new jersey. some names in NJ, are so thot provoking that it has provoked my thots past its limit.

OK take for excampdle, names like ESSEX county, MIDDLESEX county, i cant help but think that those places had enough redlight districts for them to be named such, even sometimes when i hear SOMMERSET sp. county, it sounds more like SUMMERSEX county to me, but going by my buffalo, ny or my snake hill theories, am i free to assume that SEX really had something to do in the naming of those places.

i'll be back later with more of my thinkings.. i'll make updating my blog a lot regular than it was in february.