Saturday, August 25, 2007

Thursday, August 09, 2007

birthday, reality show, novel reading, i'll be back with more..

ok, you ppl. my birthday is a month away o. and i have decided to ask for just one gift. normally i dont ask for stuff but i feel i should ask this year and see those who would actually give a gift. i have asked some for $600 shoe which i would be surprised if i actually get it. (they all expect gifts for theirs yet they dont give gift) dont let the price of the shoe fool u into thinking its not affordable o, it is very affordable.

b4 i forget, abeg these naija people have come again with their wahala o, when will they ever copy something right. u wonder wat i'm making noise about. its all this their reality show copying habit o. they forget the logistics that it entails and just throw something out there. i read on the BBC website that some innocent contestant drowned during one of their nonsenseseses. dem forget say american shows get enough behind the scene cast, extras ati be be lo. ranging from medics, to life savers abi se na life guard dem dey call dem. anywho soon they would learn jare, MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE. AMEN.

moving on, did i tell you all i read a novel for the first time in over 10 years sometime last month. and i am so proud of myself. its by a nigerian author, EL-NUKOYA is his name. title of the book is NINE LIVES. anywho help me congratulate me for reading a book thats not a text book abeg its not everyday that happens to me.

i was doing blog rounds and i came across this piece by mineexclusively(i no know how to link person page jare) anyway search blogville for her page maibe later i'll add her to my favorites dat wat i can just refer to it. search for her blog read and comment, no be say una go just read comot mouth as always o.