Wednesday, May 02, 2007

interesting things happening....

a lot has been happening around me, in my head and everywhere in between. the metamorphosis is wat i have been willing to blog about for a long while but each time i start typing, i chicken out and just simply delete the post or i save it to draft.
anyway, during one of my unlimited sessions of thinking things in search of my peace of mind, i was rudely interupted by a fone call. picked up and it was O.F. she was like hey mr. wats up we have gist. anyway being the listening ear that i am (note i didnt not say amebo) i listened and at the end of the listening sessions i came up with this question.

what would you do if you go into ur dads room to get a dvd,vcd,wateverumacallit. u get there and a couple of them looked like the one u wanted. u turn on the dvd player to test it out and at that point P and time T u get the surprise of all surprises. their was a dvd already in and its contents was shocking to the marrow of ur bone. long story short, the said dvd contained porn. what would be ur reaction? what would you do? there are more questions than i could give answers to myself but i'll be glad to read ur thots about this YAM aka ISSUE.