Wednesday, September 26, 2007

makes you think

the original video was removed, hopefully this one wont.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

when a car gets stressed out, BORNDAY, venting ati be be lo.

ok my bornday is a stone throw away. i dont know whats gonna happen, i dont expect to get any gifts from most people. cheap ass vera you better give me something or u can count urself step-husbandless, do not give me excuses.

on a seriouser note though. i'm going to boston for my birthday weekend. i love driving thus 4hrs would be like drinking garri milk and sugar.

i feel like venting, but i dont know where to start, a lot of bookshit is happeneing thats pissing me the shit off. it sucks cos its kinda out of my control too. God dey sha, i'll be over it sooner than i could expect. i've been quiet for a minute on this blog, not that i dont have stuff to blog about but i just dont have the internal inuendum to sit and type out my thots et all. i hope to get back to blogging cos i feel the steam building up in me again and my blog or just doing blog rounds sometimes serves as a release valve.