Wednesday, October 15, 2008


can someone please help me pick up my jaw, and shed a tear or 20 for the world we live in. read on to find out why.

my eyes have seen things, my ears have heard things, i know the world is on a moral downward spiral. i've had myself believe that things are not as bad as i might think. but am i wrong. they say grown men dont cry but i just shed a tear, for our world has mutated into something i can't put my finger on. i say mutated because i dont believe good old evolution could have been responsible for this. u might wonder where all this is coming from. what in the world could make engineerAyo shed a tear a 3. u'll find out at the end of the post. my friend sent me a clip on youtube and my jaw dropped i'll need a fork lift or a crane to raise it back into place. watch the youtube clip below and make sure u swear for whoever didnt do a good job at educating the kids in the video. help me formulate somn special for the adults present and didnt stop the madness u r about to watch.

the space above is for the invisible curses i rained on those responsible for all the moral breakdown in our world.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thursday, October 02, 2008

ChiefO the driver-pilot....

...or is it pilot-driver???

It was 4th of July '07. ChiefO suggested we head out to MD on a one day road trip for his friend's BBQ. I'm like cool. Yeah, I-95 is probably used to seeing Ayo and I do a quick round trip on the same day

I'm like who's your friend, he says, "Funmie and a couple of others I met in blogville" I so never visited blogville at the time because I just didn't have patience for it.

Anyway, whenever we have to drive back to NY on the same day we aim to leave home at about 4 a.m... never happens because ChiefO wouldn't get up from bed to get ready until I call him that I've arrived to pick him up. (We live on two extremes, I in Long Island and in on Slanting Island, he is closer to NY border so makes sense for me to do the picking/meeting up) And I have to leave L.I at 4a.m because my sprinklers got on at 4.13 a.m and it's a mad race to beat it so I don't get soaked. (funny to watch me racing to the car.. don't even try coming home after 4 a.m and u have suede shoes on, shoo u might as well kiss dem shoes goodbye,.. i've learned to leave them in the car till later in the day.)

Back to ChiefO. He finally gets ready, we head for I-95, get to MD by 8a.m. He calls Funmie, and she's just heading home from work. Funmie's mom is super nice, she hooks us up with Boiled yam and stew... I knocked out for a few hours... I woke up later and she's like "Are you okay?" Wondering if I'm feeling sick or so. I respond by saying, "Excuse me ma, it's your fault I slept off and for so long too, you fed me yam and it makes people sleep." She just burst out laughing at me. Plus before that day I couldn't remember the last time I ate yam, I felt I was in naija all of a sudden -- good stuff.

I met Vera and a few other blogvillers, Oh BTW Funmie's kid sister who happens to be my favorite person in that family, is totally Vera's mini-me(jealous Funmi always talking abt ahan, is she the only u know in this family?) ...
ChiefO works the grill as though he was born to do it, and Funmi and Vera try to stuff me with everything stuffable because there was everything grillable there... shoo, I'm salivating right just thinking about it.

But this post is meant to be about ChiefO, so lemme get back on track
It's about 8p.m we get on the road, ChiefO likes to do rest stops I HATE it. Anyway, a few hours later, I pullover at a rest stop for him, and ask him to take over driving...I grab my trusty blanket and off I was in dream land... I woke up a while later and said, "Damn, that sleep was so sweet it felt like the one you have in an airplane"...
while laughing hysterically ChiefO responds saying, "shoo do u want turbulence? I can go all the way to the right lane if you do, the road there is rough so you'll get some turbulence"... I just gave him 'the look' and went back to sleep.

Just one of a gazillion teasers I have to ensure from him, but trust me I always get him back, and real good too. Except, my friends then tell me, "why do u treat him like a step-brother?" shio to that, if only they see him in action too when he's picking on me