Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good Bad Day

to start with i have had just 3 hours of sleep and my eyes have started giving me signs. started of quite early and then things kinda got kinky. but we prevailed. yes o! we did, ALL BAD DAYS FASHIONED AGAINST ME SHALL NOT PROSPER!

anyways aside from the not so appealing stuff that happened. guess wat? i saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by going with geico. do i hear u call me silly, i'm actually not as silly as u might think cos ireally saved a bunch of money on my car insurance. ok if u dont believe me analyse this...PROGRESSIVE = $4000; ALL STATE = $2500; GEICO = $1500. so do the math. i actually saved a whole bunch of money.

the next five days are going to be hectic, between our party, this nonsense shit hole called sears and my interview in MD. i know i would have my plate extra full. but as i be omo naija, i am totally up to the task. i'm ready for any curveball that comes my way.

i'll keep u all posted on all my runnings.

sleep is catching me.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Boring Day

hello people! i got good news! i ended up not driving to JFK. although i still got my sleep interupted though. but all well, i still got the chance to catch some snooze.
went to work today, was there for just over 5 hours and it felt like forever. most of the work i did was done in the last 2hours. that shit hole called sears needs to be repackaged b4 its extra too late. why do i worry anyway, i'm getting my ass out of there sooner than they could imagine and to think one of my former managers actually tried talking me into transfering to the department she is in now. lil does she know that all men dont have a career in sears. anyways she will be alright. she said i should think about it like its some jamb question. my mind hasnt been there for quite a minute now and they all dont get it. my motivation to be in sears is ZERO! soon enough they'll learn.
i have my second interview with enterprise on tuesday, so i'll be going to MD this weekend probably monday though my cry baby manager wants me to work. can someone help me tell her she can kiss my ass and tell me the flavor.

my good people i got to go now, sleep don dey catch me. o da ro.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Designated Driver

my first post in my young blogging life. hmmmmmm! where should i start? today has been just there. started off with my aunt wanting me to pick her up from work so she could go grocery shopping.
they woke me up from sleep just to ask me what i was doing tomorrow and then they found out i was off from work today and b4 i could throw out some cheap lie, they took a sit in my room and basically helped me plan my day and the next. aint that something!

i have to pick them up from work. get supplies for the party we are having on saturday. tomorrow i have to drop off her friends friend at JFK airport. i actually thot that was all, but when i got outta bed i found out the car keys werent at their normal spot. they didnt leave the car keys meaning i had to take freaking metro to brooklyn, pick up the keys then enter molue back to slanting island picked up the car and driving back to brooklyn. the only other option is for me to hardwire the damn car.

got back home from my driving spree a lil while ago, and i'm mad tired. need to catch some snooze b4 my next driving spree to JFK airport tomorrow morning. hopefully no be me go open the airport cos 7am is earlier than early for me to be on my way to the airport.

its been raining all day as it has been for days now but thank God i'm feeling better. u might be asking urself what went wrong. i'll tell u... my friends and i had a barbeque (the school starts next week barbeque) last friday, and although it was chilly out, i was one of those who ended up in the pool.(how can we have a bbq with a pool staring us in our faces and not use it) short story long, i fell a lil ill cos of the cold and i sure did learn a lil bit of my lesson.