Friday, April 10, 2009

What Would You Do?

please what the clip below and share your thoughts.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Top 10 Monday

we all know the police are our friends, but there are some things you might say to them when they pull you over that could land you in more trouble. my top 10 today are the top 10 things you do not say to a police officer when you get stopped.

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its engineerAyo's TOP 10


1. You had a donut today?
2. Dont you have better things to do?
3. Did you make your quota for this month?
4. Whats your badge number?
5. Thats not mine, i dont know how it got there?
6. Dont you have criminals to catch?
7. I didn't know i was going that fast?
8. Stop wasting my time.
9. I only had a few drinks
10. eff the Police

feel free to add a few of your own and if you have had personal experiences you might want to share please feel free.

have an awesome work week guys....

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Feline Seduction

it is Saturday nite, its been windy all day but i heard the weather tomorrow is going to be off the hook. i've been having issues with getting myself on here to update. so i have decided to rebrand my blog, but unlike Dora, the explorer and her nigeria rebranding quest. i have decided to change some things as a way of rebranding and not simply going all over shouting rebranding without things really changing. i have a few things in mind and i'll need you guys to help me out when the time comes. listed below are some things im thinking of rebranding with.
1. EngineerAyo's Monday Top 10
2. EngineerAyo's private thought(inspired by FemiB)
3. EngineerAyo's journey to becoming a CPA
4. once in a while i hope to do a post about EngineerAyoRESS
5. etc etc etc (theres more rebranding to come)

ok, i got back from work last monday and as i did my parallel park magic. i noticed my neighbours cat out in the yard beside the house pacing back and forth. with my windows wound up i could hear its calls. it was obvious it was restless, something serious was going on. i finished with my parking magic, stepped out and the cat was right by the car door. strange, as i walked to the house, we walked side by side and i almost tripped over it a few times. all the while it kept on with its calling which kinda became louder by the way.

as i moved to let myself in the house, puss gets closer and was rubbing itself all over my leg. i made an attempt to check its collar, just in case its house address was somewhere on it, and it dipped its head down, bent its legs and raised its back side. hmmm, i tried again and it did the same thing. anywho, i let myself in grabbed me a can of tuna and headed back out to feed it and it wasnt there no more. all well i went back in and i got thinking. what was wrong with the cat? was it on heat? why did it follow me instead of the woman walking on the sidewalk? was it my testosterone? was its cat sign language an act of flirting? was it scoping me? does it not know the difference between feline testosterone and human testosterone? did it know, but just didnt care at that point and just needed to get laid? i had more questions running around in my head than you have in an exam test booklet.

i dont know much about cats but i did some lil research and found out that the position it took when i tried to check its collar was the mating position. the 'calling' was a mating call, its rubbing against the steps, my legs, my shoe were all signs of it being on heat. so in conclusion i think i got seduced by a cat. i got hit on by a cat. i can go on a on but u get the gist. imagine, temptation plenty for this world o. even cat dey try tempt people now.

y'all have an awesome sunday. be sure to stop by on monday for the first instalment of 'engineerAyo's Monday Top 10'